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Non-fungible tokens were in the news this week after the creators of Bored Ape Yacht Club became the latest high-profile target of the SEC. The financial watchdog wants to determine whether NFTs are securities. While that will happen in the future, for now, digital collectible sales haven’t stopped, and this week brings more exciting new collections, including a collection from Hollywood legend Sir Anthony Hopkins.

Key Takeaways

  • The Ibutsu NFT collection recently announced to offer ApeCoins for in-game rewards.
  • Sir Anthony Hopkins, the two-time Oscar winner, is creating The Eternal NFT Collection.
  • A project named ‘Probably A Label’ aims at redefining ownership in the music industry. 


The Ibutsu NFT collection consists of 3,333 cartoon warriors known as Ibutsus. At birth, each Ibutsu was given a relic, in the shape of a book that outlined their destiny. This dojo-style project uses ApeCoin as the leading cryptocurrency, the native token of Bored Ape Yacht Club.

The Ibutsu platform recently announced to offer ApeCoins for in-game rewards. The collection also plans to mint 3,333 relics for the characters. It is planning for some games and tournaments, and it has bought land on the Otherside metaverse for future development. This project has sold $225k over the last 7 days with a floor price of around $50. In the days to come, it could be one to watch.

Eternal – Sir Anthony Hopkins

Sir Anthony Hopkins, the two-time Oscar winner, has joined forces with leading Web3 entertainment company Orange Comet to create The Eternal NFT Collection. This 1,000-piece collection will bring the legendary actor into the metaverse and each NFT pays homage to some of the film characters played throughout his career: The Jester, The Lover, The Rebel, The Hero, The Ruler, The Sage, The Magician, The Giver, The Explorer, and The Creator. The NFT series will also feature an exclusive once-in-a-lifetime IRL event for collectors to meet the Hollywood icon. cons. This week’s public sale on OpenSea will start at 0.25 Ether ($324).

Probably a Label

Probably a Label is a unique partnership between Probably Nothing and Warner Records. The project merges a record label with NFTs and Web3 technology to redefine IP ownership in the music industry. This is the first collaboration between a record label and an NFT culture brand and seeks to enable artists to create freely using the blockchain. Virtual concerts have already been a feature of the metaverse, so an NFT record label is the natural progression. Probably a Label secured around $750k of sales in the last seven days and has a floor price of 0.12 Ethereum ($155).


Pixelmon is the NFT character of an upcoming sci-fi role-playing game in the metaverse where players can trade, fight, and train their collections. The Pixelmon Generation 1 NFTs will be the foundation for the Pixelmon ecosystem and provide exclusive access to land airdrops, native token drops, and exclusive NFTs. The floor price for Pixelmon is 0.52 ETH ($680), and the project’s sales volume jumped 150% from the previous week.

Easy Elves

Easy Elves is a Solana-based collection of 8,888 NFTs roaming the streets of the urban Sindaria city. The project is garnering some hype amongst its growing community because The Grand Bazaar will be a central sphere of trade in Sindaria for in-game items. The project will have an EZY native token. The project sold $180k over the last seven days, but the activity is speeding up, and the floor price keeps climbing with a current level of 6.8 SOL ($210).

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